We have been working with Winston Packaging since 2012. Through their top-notch professional systems and people they have helped us to effectively manage our rapidly increasing SKUs, from prototype creation through production and reordering, all without sacrificing quality. Their recommendations make it evident that they view us as partners rather than simply clients. Winston Packaging looks out for our best interests. Their facility and equipment is sparkling clean and state-of-the-art, their turnaround times are well-managed and always met, their communication is impeccable, and their quality is supreme.
            A.D. - Creative Director for natural medicine company

In our business, the packaging sets the expectation for what’s inside so I depend on Winston Packaging’s consistent color control. Every carton looks exactly the same even if printed over time in different production runs. That’s important when our products are lined up on store shelves at point of sale.
            M.S. – Product Manager for organic tea company

I manage the packaging for 240 different product SKUs and have been working with Winston Packaging for over eight years. Their team functions like an extension of our department – they’re much more than just our packaging supplier. My job would be a lot more challenging without Winston Packaging’s day to day involvement.
            T.A.W. – Director of Purchasing for nutraceutical company

We tried using another supplier for our packaging because we thought we might save a few dollars. Instead of saving, the move actually cost us more because the other supplier’s product did not run well on our high speed cartoning equipment. We wasted a lot of time and material having to run at slower speeds. Now we’re back with Winston and our packing lines are running at record speeds. I highly recommend this company to others looking for a great packaging supplier.
            J. R. – Production Manager for snack food company

Our company depends on Winston Packaging’s superior quality printing to make the graphics look appetizing for our food product packaging. Sometimes that’s all a consumer in the supermarket needs to entice them to try it. Thanks to Winston Packaging, our products look as delicious on the outside of the box as they taste on the inside.
            B.B. – Brand owner for food company

As a busy graphic designer, I love the 3D rendering capabilities Winston Packaging offers. By working with their pre-press department, I can apply graphics to a box structure during the design process and immediately see how the printed piece will look. It is helpful to show my customers a 3 dimensional image rather than a flat one. This not only saves me time but helps avoid costly mistakes because this technology shows how graphics line up when the box is erected as a finished product on the retail shelf.
            C.T. – Freelance graphic designer

Winston Packaging is a one of a kind company. Their account representatives and managers who handle our business on a daily basis understand our industry. If I have a special need, they’ll do everything they can to make it happen for me. The Winston Packaging team all the way up to the CEO works hard to bring us fresh ideas to grow our market share. It’s a great place to do business.
            J.T. – Brand Manager for consumer products company

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